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I love you no more…

I love you no more…

Guys! If you love someone, tell them how you feel before it’s too late. You may never know whether they’ll reciprocate your feelings until you make the first move. Don’t wait forever before the other one finds someone else to love since everyone is always looking for someone to love. Don’t live a life with regrets because at least you’d know the truth no matter how painful they can be

I think i fall in love with you

When someone truly cares about you, they make efforts not excuses.

Sungyeol and Qri are really cute together! I love how Sungyeol is so direct with his feelings for Qri kekeke. Are they secretly together?



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I feel extremely happy whenever I see your face in my notifications. I like you a lot, I bet you don’t know because more than often I just joke around with you. I don’t know how to confess, and you’re shutting me out already.

So so so happy all my ships came true !!! N and Soyou, chukahaeyo! <3

Yoona fell in love with baek hyun ?